Bury Township Forum Bury Township Forum Bury Council has six Township Forums which cover the whole of the borough, allowing you to be involved in setting local priorities for your area. The Area Forum welcome anyone who lives, works, or has an interest in that area to attend - to take part, to discuss local issues and concerns, or, to listen. Each Area Forum meets at local venues, in places such as schools and community centres. Your Area Forum is also where you can find out about local activities, future plans and meet members of your community. All Area Forum discussions are fed back to the council for appropriate action. The 6 Township Forums in Bury cover the following areas: Bury East - this includes Moorside, Redvales and East wards. Bury West - this includes Elton and Church wards Prestwich - this includes  St. Mary's, Sedgley, and Holyrood wards. Radcliffe - this includes Radcliffe North, Radcliffe West and Radcliffe East wards. Ramsbottom, Tottington & North Manor- this includes Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor wards. Whitefield & Unsworth - this includes Pilkington Park, Besses and Unsworth wards. Each Township Forum consists of all the councillors representing the area and a co-opted advisory group of local representatives. The primary purpose of your Township Forum is to promote better outcomes for the social, economic and environmental well being of the area. This will be achieved by: Involving local people in shaping priorities and decisions in their area - giving local people a voice. Developing projects with the public, private or voluntary sector to address important issues in your area. Influencing the way in which local services are delivered. Promote good community relations between people who live and work in that area. What is an Advisory Group? Each Township Forum has its own Advisory Group, comprising local representatives who express their views on local issues and help Councillors in the decision making process. The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from the business community, voluntary organisations or community groups within the area. Each Township Forum may appoint up to nine members to its Advisory Group. The role of an Advisory Group Member Advisory Group members play an important role in the Township Forum, expressing their views on local issues and helping to improve the range of knowledge and expertise on the Township Forum. As an Advisory Group Member you would be required to:- Provide a link with similar organisations/groups in your area and the Township Forum. Play a key role in projects and initiatives to improve the area Use your network to communicate important issues and inform others about the work of the Township Forum Attend all, or most of, the Township Forum meetings Being an Advisory Group member Advisory Group members are appointed every two years. If you wish to be an Advisory Group Member you must meet the following requirements: Members must be from constituted groups and represent the body/organisation to which they belong. This means that the group must have a formal organisational structure/ committee and could be for example a local tenants and residents association. If the nomination is subsequently withdrawn by the nominating body or the body ceases to exist, then they will be considered to have stood down from office as a Advisory Group member and a place on the group should be considered vacant. Members must represent a group with an interest in the area or a recognised 'community of interest', for example a local community centre, faith group or the local Chamber of Commerce. Members must not hold the office of Councillor or Member of Parliament or be a council employee in a politically restricted post. How to become an Advisory Group member? If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Group member you will need to fill in a nomination form which can be downloaded from the Bury Council webpage. Please return all forms to: Chris Shillitto, Head of Democratic Service, Bury Council, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW. Alternatively, you can apply online by completing the online form. The nomination form covers the following: A brief personal profile; If the nomination is on behalf of an organisation, a brief profile of the organisation, and confirmation that you are the organisations approved choice; A summary of what you think you can bring to the role of Advisory Group member; and Positive confirmation that you are aware of the requirements for co-option and that you agree to conform to them. Our previous Local Area Partnership was disbanded and a new group of area representatives was formed in the Borough and have the title of Bury Township Forums. As a village we come under the Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor forum. Our Township Co-Ordinator is David Thomas, and David has kindly sent us his photo. Click the photo to email david