Buses Click for Affetside Bus Timetable (no. 480) Monday to Friday Public Transport The buses through the village are operated by Rossendale Bus and are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester. The buses run from Bury to Bolton, and vice-versa. The halfway point of the route is Affetside. Sometimes if the buses are early they will wait at the bus stop at the church Using NextBuses you can select a bus stop close to where you are in Scotland, England or Wales and for that bus stop find the next bus times. Scheduled bus times are shown if LIVE  information is unavailable. Click the image above for details relating to Affetside. There are seven ‘official’ bus stops along Watling Street with all appearing on the Walshaw end of the village, although generally the drivers are very obliging and drop you close to your destination and pick you up on a ‘hail and ride’ arrangement. Each ‘official’ bus stop has it’s own unique reference number, and by using your mobile phone you can access a text message service to get details of the next bus due at that stop. Send the relevant SMS reference to 84268     Bus Stop Ref      Location     SMS Code       Details NC0487 (marked) WATLING STREET SMS Mandmpdw next to church, buses to Bolton NC0534 (unmarked) WATLING STREET SMS Mantgptw opposite church, buses to Bury WA1147 (marked) WATLING STREET SMS Mantgwmd next to entrance Yeomans’ Farm - buses to Bolton WA1399 (unmarked) WATLING STREET SMS Manpajwa opposite entrance to Yeomans Farm, buses to Bury WA1146 (unmarked) WATLING STREET SMS Mantgwma opposite Smithy Fold buses to Bury WA1398 (Shelter) WATLING STREET SMS Manpajtp at Smithy Fold for buses to Bolton NC0486 (unmarked) VILLAGE GREEN SMS Mandmpdt Next to Green for buses to Bury

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Map showing official bus stops