Local Link Taxi The door-to-door 'Local Link' car service  has been newly extended to  serve Affetside. The two page leaflet  'Your Local Link - Bury Rural'  explains that passengers can phone Bullitt Cars who currently operate  the service by telephoning 0161 763 1655. Technically you can phone up to an hour before you need the car to arrive or even up to a week before.  It should arrive 10 minutes either side of the requested time and could be shared with other  passengers. It goes anywhere in the mapped area on the leaflet and to Bury Interchange. Leaflet can be found here.  Concessions are those with a senior citizens bus pass AND children. The price charged, as per the leaflet, is per person.      It is handy to have a copy of the leaflet (here) to show the driver in case of confusion as the drivers become  aware of the newly introduced fare structure.   If a passenger requires a return journey they need to arrange this through Bullitt Cars. The Transport for  Greater Manchester have told us that the passenger should pay the driver the full return fare on the outward  leg and Bullitt's office should let the return driver know that you have paid the return fare as per the leaflet  to the outward leg driver.   We need people to use the service to ensure it is not withdrawn. Given our bus service is only hourly, stops  at tea time and doesn't run on Sundays, this Local Link Door-to Door car service is a real bonus.    Please give it a try....just remember to have the Local Link leaflet handy in case of queries.  Local Link Taxi Service