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News Posts Updates

As you may have noticed we now have a “News Posts” section on the village website. This enables the Webmaster, and other nominated editors to add, change, delete posts that relate to the village generally.

There is a subscription feature on the ‘News’ page where you can enter your email address and you should get notified in your email inbox of new news posts as they happen, and thus ensuring you don’t miss out on vital info… I suppose the main one being the continual water failures experienced by those on the top of the hill. (Those lower down don’t really notice as much, as the water backpressure in the mains ensures that they receive water when the residents on the top have noticed their supply has failed)

For those that sign up to comment, or those who have agreed to be editors you can set up a free profile on Gravatar and the website should pull your Gravatar profile and image into its Users database so people can see your happy smiling face whenever you comment (or post)

If you have any problems registering to comment etc, then contact us at

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