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Slowly Getting There…

Hmmmm… interesting choice of having me as a News contributor on here. I don’t tend to hear much of what goes on in the village so others are more qualified than I for the role. I have just added this short post to gain familiarity with the setup and see how straightforward it is to use. It’s certainly not rocket science, and now that Covid stuff seems to be behind us now, it makes sense for residents to subscribe to this to find out what is going on which may affect them, and the place that they call home.

Well, let’s see how it goes, and if it is just the ‘usual’ suspects who get involved in this. I do hope there is a wider participation but that just remains to be seen now.


  1. We look forward to seeing your event posts, and other newsworthy items that should be of benefit to the Village community. We have no doubt that it could develop over time. Welcome on board! 👍🏻

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