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Online Village Forum and other stuff…

First off, let us pass on our thanks to those villagers who attended the informal, “about time we resumed normal service” meeting last night. Great to welcome some new faces too!

As was announced last night the website refresh has now gone live, even though it still requires further fixed content to be added. Several people are working on ‘stuff’ that will be uploaded shortly, however, in the meantime…. read on!

Online Village Forum

We have now gone live on the ‘new’ village discussion forum. It is unlikely to be a huge hive of activity, but it provides a place where residents can interact with others. There is general personal interaction in the village centre where the residents are more densely packed, but further along Watling Street at the far reaches of the village, very little gets to be known, and they are a bit out on a limb really.

It is a regular type of online forum, and those that have been using them for the last 20 years will feel familiar with the setup. There is an overarching Village forum, and then sub-forums are listed under this. Each sub-forum contains discussion topics that registered users can start or reply to.

The format of the Village Online Forum

Registration to it is free, and all we ask is that it is used. We did have a discussion board back in 2009, but it was hard trying to get interaction from residents on it and it was eventually pulled. Things may be different this time around with younger and more IT literate people having moved into the village – who knows?

News Posts Subscriptions
This is what is known as a News Post. You can see that there are several from the previous few weeks which provide an update on the website refresh. If you scroll to the bottom of the News page itself, you will see a box where you can enter your email address and get automatic email updates of any recent News Posts that are published (see below)

News subscription section at the bottom of the News Page

Events Pages

We also have a new style Events and Functions page ( click here ) which lists forthcoming gatherings etc in the village. We will shortly be adding a function where you can subscribe by email to be notified of when a new event is logged, and thus keep up to date with what is happening in your community.

Village events & Functions Page

The events have clickable links and can produce Google location maps and also provide iCal attachments you can add to your own Google or Outlook calendars. Just click on the event and it should open into a new webpage that contains more details.

Well, that’s about it for this News update, and keep visiting the website as more content will be added as time progresses.

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