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Village Bonfire – 6:00 pm, Saturday 6th November

Yes, it is that time again. The annual village bonfire will take place at the rear of the village green. Walk across the green and through the stone pillars to the rear, and then follow the path around to the right, through the trees and then a sharp left onto the path leading down to the bonfire area and “Executive Lounge”

As usual, there will be a bar serving both soft drinks, wine and beers and as we are in the 21st Century, we do take contactless payments too as well as cash.

There will also be hot food available with the regular fayre of hot dogs, Roseanne & Beryl’s “Legendary” homemade pies, peas and gravy, traditional “black peas” and a spicy bonfire chilli with rice. The cheese & onion and meat & potato plate pies are worth a visit in themselves. Hmmmmm. Yum! 😋

Previous bonfire

It is advisable to wear a pair of wellies, or stout walking boots as the area around the bonfire can get quite muddy.

Please be aware that as usual, we are not allowed fireworks under the terms of the insurance policy – not our decision folks, but a condition of our insurers.

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