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A Massive Thank You!!!

As the headline above says..Thank You!!!

A huge Thank You! to all those residents and non-residents who very graciously gave their time and effort in setting up, setting out, baking, cooking, serving food, serving at the bar and sorting out the raffle for the bonfire last night… and, importantly, tidying away all the stuff and the area around “The Executive Lounge” and doing all the washing up too. We really couldn’t do it without your dedication and commitment to the community. We cannot thank you enough.

Bonfire 2021

Also a massive Thank You! to all those who turned up last night to make the annual bonfire the huge success it was. We were very lucky with the weather too. We sold out of all the food with the exception of the black peas (which never seemed to reduce in volume despite a large number of people enjoying them 🤔)

This was the first event we have had since the Covid lockdown, and we were hugely grateful to see the number of people who came along to support us. All the proceeds from the Bonfire go towards the upkeep of the Green, and more importantly, it also pays for the brass band, mulled wine and mince pies at the Carols on the Green event in December (Sunday 12th @ 3:30pm on The Green)

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Once again.. THANK YOU!!!!

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