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Affetside Society Ordinary General Meeting

The AFFETSIDE SOCIETY AGM should have taken place on Wednesday, however, due to the lack of availability of key people an Ordinary General Meeting will take place instead.

It will still be held on Wednesday 17th November at 7.00 p.m. in the Pack Horse front room (old pool & dart board room for long-standing villagers). 

The AGM, which will now be held early in the New Year, deals with the election of the Officers. Under the terms of the Society’s Constitution. We know that Andrew, our Chairman, has expressed his desire to stand down. Karen our Secretary also wishes to stand down and Mary our Treasurer of 19 years is happy to continue and will seek re-election if no one else wishes to stand. If you would like to stand for any of the Officers’ positions above, please attend the meeting in the New Year. You will need to find someone to nominate you and your nomination needs to be supported by a seconder at the AGM. Should there be more than one nomination for each post a vote will be taken.

Ordinary General Meeting

Mary, our Treasurer will update us on our current financial situation. We then need to discuss the organisation of the upcoming Affetside Society events which are the Santa Switch On (Sunday 5th December 6 p.m. on village green) and Carols around the Xmas Tree (Sunday 12th December at 3.30 p.m. on village green). We can also discuss fundraising ideas. 

If you have any items for the agenda please let us know by contacting us at 

Of course, should you have any items to discuss, you can also bring these up under the “Any Other Business” section. 

It would be lovely to see you at the meeting in the Pack Horse. Please, do come along to listen, contribute, suggest ideas and stay for a drink and a chat afterwards!! 

Our next meeting which will be the AGM has yet to be agreed upon, but will be in the New Year.

We look forward to seeing you,

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