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Reply To: AGM

Joanne Wilcock

I think it needs to be made clear which group is responsible for which activities for the meetings. If it’s a Millennium Green meeting that is open to The Trustees only apart from the AGM which is open to all. The Millennium Green meetings deal with the upkeep of the village green, it’s insurance and the AMGT summer BBQ.

If it’s an Affetside Society meeting they deal with the social events: boules, bonfire, Xmas events and any civic issues eg traffic calming, broadband, planning applications etc. Anyone from the village can vote at the Affetside Society meetings. Only the Trustees can vote at an ordinary Millennium Green meeting! Anyone from the village can apply to be a Trustee of the Affetside Millennium Green Trust.

We need to make sure the title of the meeting reflects who is running it please!!