Affetside Village

Affetside Society

The Affetside Society was formed in the 1960s and its purpose was that of bringing the village community together to give a louder voice to various matters that were affecting the village at the time. As time marches on new battles are always being fought to protect the village and its heritage. In 1981 the Affetside Society became a registered charity (Charity number: 510673), although by the early 1990s the society had become largely defunct and was formally removed from the list of registered charities held by the Charities Commission in February 2000. By this time the Society’s involvement in village matters had reduced to nothing. It appeared to be largely defunct from the early 1990s.

When the plan emerged to apply for funding for the Millennium Green, the dwindling band of remaining members of the Affetside Society were reluctant to become involved or allow “The Affetside Society” to spearhead the application, and so another village society was formed – Millennium Green Trust (see the dedicated page for this)

At the turn of the new Millennium, several new residents to the village resurrected The Affetside Society and took charge of organising various village social events and using it as an overarching platform for campaigning against inappropriate developments and for implementing traffic calming measures.  The aim of the social events is to raise funds for village functions, campaign for a better village environment and provide some funds to the Millennium Green Trust who maintain the village green.