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Millennium Green Trust

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In 1997 it became known that GMPTE were open to offers for the sale of a disused bus turn- around that they had created in the centre of the village in the late 1970’s.

The land was adjacent to a large private dwelling that was interested in purchasing the land and redeveloping it as tennis courts. Around this time the Countryside Commission had just started their project to form 250 Millennium Greens across the country by the turn of the year 2000.  A group of residents held a meeting in the village church to gauge the interest of the community and a steering group was formed in order to pursue the funding that was available to create a public area in the village centre. The driving force behind this was Peter Morris, Tony Rogers and Mike Dutson who ploughed a lone furrow until the funding was agreed and the existing Trust set up. We are grateful to both Peter, Tony & Mike for their energy, drive and persistence in getting the Green completed. 

Unfortunately, Peter Morris never enjoyed the benefit of his labours for too long as he moved away from the village shortly before the completion of The Green, and Tony did the same in 2014, although remains in the district.


Peter Morris at Colliers Cottage in 1999

A design for the Green was drafted in conjunction with the village school and the Green today still has many features that the school children wished to see, such as a pond and outside classroom area. Unfortunately, the school children did not get to use the Green very much as shortly after the Greens’ completion the Labour-controlled local Council decided to close the school after 130 years of educating local children. 

The whole process of design and construction took over three years from inception to completion – such is the urgency of Government Quangos. One of the qualifying criteria was that a charitable trust was formed by residents to manage the upkeep and running of the Green. The charitable trust is still running with the trust members being active in their fundraising so that residents and visitors alike can continue to enjoy the Green today.