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School History

Affetside Village school past & present will form the basis of this page. We are a little short of information at present, but this page will evolve over time as more people contribute to it. See below for school reunion details.
2003 marked the emotional closure of Affetside’s village primary school after a long battle to keep the school open. Protesters, who pursued their cause all the way to the Court of Appeal of the High Court in London, lost their fight but vowed to hold an annual outdoor reunion at the school’s outdoor classroom, on the Affetside Millennium Green. Campaigner and villager, Joanne Wilcock, alongside other villagers such as Roseanne and Tony Davies, have worked unceasingly to retain the school’s memory and to maintain village links and cohesion in the small hilltop community. All are welcome to celebrate old friendships and to commemorate the special place the school held at the heart of the Affetside community. The Affetside Society, in the wake of the school’s demise, has previously provided free refreshments for any ex-staff, pupils, villagers or friends of Affetside Primary School who attend the reunion. The reunion is usually held in July, although we have no confirmed dates of any reunion this year.