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Affetside in the World War I

The Great War 1914 – 1918 affected every village and town in the country and not least Affetside. The Roll of Honour in Affetside Chapel records 56 of its young Church and School members serving in the forces, of whom 15 were killed.

These lads came to Affetside Chapel and School from the outlying areas of Four Lane Ends, Tottington Road, Turton Road and Bradshaw Road, but amongst those killed from Affetside itself were, George Holt of Height Top, Harry Lowe of Bradshaw Head, Henry Scowcroft of Top o’th Knotts, Harry Warburton of Smithy Fold, Arthur Aspinall of the Pack Horse, Harold Kay from the Short Row of cottages and George Turner of Pillings.

The Chapel congregation, wishing to have a memorial to these brave boys, started to raise funds and by 1920 they were able to buy and erect a  new organ costing nearly £500 (£22,850 in 2020). The Memorial Organ was unveiled by Mr. Fredeick Whowell, J.P. of Hawkshaw on October 16th 1920.

In Memoriam

Memorial Organ in the Chapel
Memoriam Plaque attached to the Organ
Roll of Honour on Chapel Wall

In addition to the Memorials in the Chapel, in 2021 a memorial bench was unveiled towards the Walshaw endof the village which contains a brass plaque commemorating all of those who gave their lives in both the Great War and World War 2

Plaque on the village Memorial Bench